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Coaching&Certification Programs

In collaboration with our innovative business parnets, X-Ponential is offering several certification programs.

Image by Bud Helisson


In collaboration with our innovation business partners, X-Ponential is offering several certification programs from accredited bodies:

Business Transformation Coaching for Existing Businesses

1 week to 10 weeks Coaching 

For a business to “transform” implies some change to its processes and how it presents itself to the wider world. This also requires its people to change the way they work – and perhaps change how they see the business and their role in it. People are naturally resistant to change – sometimes at a level they are not consciously aware of. 

X-Ponential is actively helping existing businesses to make this change and create a future ready platform, which can be able to evolve by environment.

Young Futurists Workshop

1 Day Workshop Online 

  • Gain access to worldwide resources, make new futurist friends, discuss your ideas with the mentors.

  • Learn about future technologies, future jobs and futuristic mindset and be ready for the future.

1 Day Workshop for Anyone!

1 Day Workshop Online 

​Are you curious about the Future? 

Are you a parent who is willing to be a part of your young one’s future mindset?

Are you wondering about technological change and their impact on humanity?

Then, This is the right place for you!

Advisory Call

40 minutes


Access the world’s most powerful network of experts in today's—and tomorrow's—emerging technologies. X-Ponential is providing advisory call based on your needs from the ExO Community of over 4,500 thought-leaders, advisors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and industry specialists in over 100 countries.

Open ExO- ExO Foundations Certification

%100 Online 1 Day Workshop

​Learn the impact exponential technologies have on modern organizations and get introduced to the ExO Movement and the ExO Model.

Open ExO -ExO Consultant Certification

4 Weeks Online Program

​At the end of the certification the participants will be accredited with an ExO Consultant certificate and corresponding badge within the platform; 

The course takes place over a period of 4 weeks with maximum 100 people per cohort; 

At the end of the certification the participants will be accredited with an ExO Consultant certificate and corresponding badge within the platform.

X-Ponential & Boston ExO Internship Program

10-Week Online Program

  • ​Develop an abundance/exponential mindset 

  • Become familiar with the contents of the Exponential Organizations book 

  • Create your own Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) 

  • Obtain your ExO Foundations certification 

  • Leverage an ExO attribute and/or technology for X-Ponential-BostonExO 

  • Participate in an ExO Sprint on a Core or Edge team


Students are nominated for the following accolades:

  • Distinguished Intern Award

  • Team Performance Award

  • Exponential Organizations Certificate

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