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The future is coming faster than ever! 

Gain access to worldwide resources, make new futurist friends, discuss your ideas with the mentors,


What You Will Achieve:

Futurist Mindset

Futuristic mindset is a thinking method to be able to evolve, expand and change by time and with the technological advancements.

  • What is Future?

  • Who is Futurist?

  • What Futurist Do?

  • Driving Forces of change

Future of Work

  • What is VUCA World?

  • How to be prepared?

  • What is Un-Learning?

  • Future Trends and scenarios.

  • New Emerging Jobs

  • What is Sharing Economy?

  • What is Universal Basic Income?

Future Skills

  • Mindfulness, Kindness, Empathy Design Thinking, New Learning Skills, Exponential Mindset

Future Technologies​

  • AI, VR, 3D Printing, IOT, Blockchain, Nano& Bio Technologies, Synthetic Technology

Exponential Entrepreneurship

  • Understanding the exponential growth

  • Key exponential technologies distrupting the traditional businesses

  • Importance of having Massive Transformative Purpose

Image by Steven Lelham

be ready for the future ...and Make the Future!

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